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Eco Friendly Aloe Fiber Three Piece Duvet Bedding Set

Eco Friendly Aloe Fiber Three Piece Duvet Bedding Set

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Product Descriptions

The Aloe Fiber is 100% biodegradable and recyclable and its physical and chemical properties are both similar to cotton, with excellent breathability and moisture management. Aloe Vera concentration in the fabric is very nourishing for the body, mainly for human skin.

Bedding fabric:  Aloe fiber cotton, Polyester
Fabric sub-component: Polyester
Printing and dyeing process: Reactive printing and dyeing
Weaving process: Twill
Style: European and American style
Fabric material: Acetate

Product Dimensions:

Style Color Summer Mocha

Style Color Plaid

Style Color 3

Style Color 4

Style Color 5

Style Color 6

Style Color 7

Style Color 8

Style Color 9

Style Color 10

Style Color 11

Style Color 12


Style Color 13

Style Color 14



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