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Stainless Steel Kitchen Chef Knife

Stainless Steel Kitchen Chef Knife

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With the aid of this professional chef's knife you can easily handle the daily work in your kitchen, such as slicing meat and chopping veggies. Whether you're an experienced chef or a home cook, this kitchen knife is the right assistant for you.

Material: Stainless steel


 A-8-inch AUS-10 Japanese-style butcher knife

 B-8-inch AUS-10 Japanese-style butcher's chef's knife

D- 8-inch AUS-10 with cut and attached sword-shaped butcher knife

F-7-inch AUS-10 Santoku Knife

G-7-inch AUS-10 Small Kitchen Knife

I- 6.5-inch AUS-10 Deboning Knife

J- 5-inch AUS- 100,000-purpose knife

K-4-inch AUS-10 peel knife

Packing list:

Household utensils x1

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