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Eco Friendly Buckwheat Pillows

Eco Friendly Buckwheat Pillows

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Buckwheat pillows offer great benefits, among them, the buckwheat hulls do not trap heat like synthetic fillers, allowing for a cooler, more comfortable sleep. Hulls are also naturally hypoallergenic, making them a great alternative for people who are allergic to feathers, down, or latex.

Pillow shape: rectangular
Bedding breakdown: health pillow/medicine pillow
Product grade: qualified product
Pillow height: 15.1-20cm
Pillow core fabric: brushed polyester fiber
Applicable number: single
Pillow weight: 1.1-2 kg
Applicable object: Adult
Color Category: White
Filling: polyester fiber
color: White
Dimensions: 45x75cm
Style: simple
Filler name: buckwheat
Filler composition and content: nine-hole silk cotton buckwheat husk
Packing list: 1 Pillow

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