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Nordic Style Salad Bowl Ceramic Salad Bowl

Nordic Style Salad Bowl Ceramic Salad Bowl

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Elegant Bowl perfect for salads, soups and more.

Material: more than 45% bone meal and bone china
Pattern: plant flowers
Style: Nordic style
Color Classification:
1 Style: Romantic Flower Sea Salad Bowl
2 Style: Royal Rose Salad Bowl
3 styles: gold-painted pink rose salad bowl
4 Style: Golden Rose Salad Bowl
5 Styles: Salad bowl with gold painted like snowflakes
6 styles: salad bowl with gold lilac blossoms
7 styles: gold-painted blooming rose salad bowl
8 styles: Carved golden rose salad bowl
9 Style: If Snowflake Salad Bowl
10 styles: pink rose salad bowl
11 style: lilac blossom salad bowl
12 style: blooming rose salad bowl
Style 13: Romantic Flower Sea Salad Bowl
Number: 2 tea tableware

Packing list:
Tableware x2

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