Decorative Color Changing Solar Power Wind Chime Porch Window Outdoor/ Indoor

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①Multiple Color-Changing:Solar wind chimes Charge during the day time and Wind chime light will light up automatically at night. Hummingbird wind chimes featuring a color changing LED bulb
calmly and softly changing from one color to the next.
②Fashion Design : Solar hummingbirds decorative lights adds a charming display of light and whimsy to porch or yard, make your outdoor settings as enjoyable and charming. Led solar wind chimes
outdoor is the favorite of gardening or entertainment.
③Safety and Environmental : Energy-saving hummingbird wind chimes adopt solar color-changing LED luminous. The LED bulb with solar wind chime remains cool to the touch at all times, providing
safe lighting that doesn't burn or heat-up.
④Perfect Gift : If solar wind chimes outdoor is a gift to a good friend, the chimes of crisp sound in the wind on behalf of your voice of greetings. If led wind chimes outdoor is a gift to your lover, the
chimes of crisp sound in the wind on stands for romance and your miss.


① Materia:High Quality Glass and Plastic
②Switch :ON/OFF (Under the Panel)
④Charging time:6-8H
⑤Working Time:6-8H

Package Content:
1 * Solar Powered Wind Spinner Hanging Light

Product manual:
1: The internal chip circuit is connected at the factory. Contains 1 1.2V 600 mAh battery, 2V 100 mAh solar chip
2: Install it, please turn the switch on and hang up, the color LED light, the color is uninterrupted, the photosensitive plate is automatically controlled, and the LED is automatically turned on when there is no strong light sensing.
3: The location of the solar luminaire must be installed in a fully lit location without any obstructions.
4: Single product unified mail box packaging, 13*13*13.5CM/1PC,

1: Since the conversion efficiency of the solar panel is affected by the light intensity, the continuous illumination time of the string varies depending on weather conditions, seasonal changes, geographical location, and the like. This is normal.
2: The lamp string can be charged only when the “ON/OFF” is adjusted to the “ON” state.
3: The waterproof design of the product is limited to rain and moisture. Do not immerse the product in water for a long time.
4: Please do not violently hit or beat this product to avoid damage!

Note:The B in the variant represents a butterfly