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Christmas Decorations Garland Wreath Assorted

Christmas Decorations Garland Wreath Assorted

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Product information:
Material: plush cloth + plastic
Size: 30cm
Color: Variety
Category: Christmas Wreath
Craft: handmade

1: safflower model H002-30CM, 2: double clock model H001-30CM, 3: chain clause, 4: gold explosion model H003-30CM, 5: double clock gift bag model, 6: poetry and distance, 7: small dead branches Wreath old man, 8: small dead branch garland snowman, 9: small dead branch garland deer, 10: big dead branch garland old man, 11: big dead branch garland snowman, 12: big dead branch garland deer, swan style, 13: lemon style , Cotton style, 14: three red flowers, 15: three ginkgo, 16: three summary, 17: three big knots, 18: ordinary

Plastic Christmas wreath x1

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