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Rhinestone Curtain Magnetic Tie

Rhinestone Curtain Magnetic Tie

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Dress up your window with this classy Rhinestone Curtain Tie
Type: Pendant
Material: Alloy rhinestone
Treatment process: Electroplating
Color: Imitation gold + golden, imitation gold + purple, imitation gold + army green, imitation gold + black, white K + solid white, antique red copper, imitation gold + royal blue, imitation gold + purple, antique bronze, pearl
(SET1) Imitation gold + golden
(SET2) Imitation gold + purple
(SET3) Imitation gold + army green
(SET4) Imitation gold + black
(SET5) White K+Solid white
(SET6) Ancient red copper
(SET7) Imitation gold + royal blue
(SET8) Imitation gold+purple
(SET9) Ancient bronze
(SET10) Pearl

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