4-Piece Set Of European Style Luxury Bedding

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Product Information

Bedding fabric: pure cotton
Weaving process: satin
Style and technology: sheet type
Bedding style: European style
The main component of the fabric: cotton

A version of satin jacquard fabric. B version 100% cotton satin fabric. Interpretation of luxury life, delicate hand feel, silky smooth
Craftsmanship: sateen jacquard craftsmanship, with clear layers and strong three-dimensionality
Pillowcase with wide side design, hollow craftsmanship

Size Information

1.5/1.8 bed quilt cover 200*230cm bed sheet 250*250cm pillowcase 48*74*2

2.0 bed quilt cover 220*240cmSheet 250*270cmPillowcase 48*74cm*2


Choosing a four-piece suit needs to be based on the size of the quilt, and buy a quilt as big as the quilt. The corresponding four-piece suit.

Packing List

Quilt cover*1 Sheet*1 Pillow case*1