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4-Piece Set Of European Style Luxury Bedding

4-Piece Set Of European Style Luxury Bedding

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A version of satin jacquard fabric. B version 100% cotton satin fabric. Interpretation of luxury life, delicate feel, silky smooth 

Craftsmanship: sateen jacquard craftsmanship, with distinct layers and strong three-dimensionality
Pillowcase with wide side design, hollow craftsmanship

Product Descriptions

Bedding fabric:  Pure Cotton
Product grade: Silky smooth
Printing and dyeing process: Reactive printing and dyeing
Weaving process: Satin fabric
Style and Craft:  Satin Jacquard
Bedding Style: European Style Luxury
Style: Interpretation of luxury life
Fabric material: Cotton



Choosing a four-piece suit needs to be based on the size of the quilt, and buy a quilt as big as the quilt. The corresponding four-piece suit.

Packing List

Quilt cover*1 Sheet*1 Pillowcase*2

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